Root Canal Treatment

In case of damaged tooth pulp, Manassas Dental Smiles gives best painless treatment to remove it. Associated with this damaged tooth pulp is known as root canal. Tooth pulp is like small, thread-like tissues can be seen in middle of the damaged tooth. There are many reasons as to how the teeth pulp might decompose just like a cracked tooth, tooth cavity or any severe teeth injury. After removing this dead pulp, the encircling area is cleaned, identified and packed. This complete procedure is called root canal treatment.

Previously, the tooth with decomposed pulp was directly taken out. In past times, it was consider so hurting that patients fear to see a dentist. Now with progressive root canal treatment by the experienced dentists, teeth can be preserved which might have been lost or else. In case the infected pulp is left un-treated it can be very dangerous. It may get transformed to excretion at the later stage which may harm the root tip of the jawbone. It forms swelling which can convert into damage entire jaw.

Manassas Dental Smiles Root Canal treatment will heal your tooth and provides you best quality material and services for the best results. After removing the infected tooth pulp, the location is sealed with gutta-percha. Gutta-percha is a plastic like material that fills in to the gap. After this dental restoration procedure is taken out where a top is covered around the tooth for protection. Following this, the tooth functions like other teeth. In modernized treatment, this root canal treatment just takes two appointments. Therefore, our qualified dentists in Manassas, Virginia USA, deliver instant and highly reliable dental services to our patients.