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  • Posted By: Zoya Sheikh 2 months ago

    Dr. Usman is amazing and very professional. His entire team was very cautious with all covid precautions, which put my mind at ease with everything going on in the world with this pandemic. He was through with all my patient history. His assistant was friendly and gentle while doing my x-rays as I have a small mouth and this part is ALWAYS the worst. The front staff is very welcoming and friendly. The clinic ambiance is very calming specially people like me who get nervous for dentist appointments.

  • By: Sam Shek 2 months ago

    Manassas Dental Smiles had great reviews on google and I decided to go here for a dental cleaning. I’m so glad I did! My visit was amazing and extremely anxiety-free! The staff at the front desk was very cordial and welcoming while following all the Covid related protocols and precautions. Dr. Usman was very knowledgeable, friendly and explained everything in detail. Overall the staff and the faculty are very hospitable, courteous and knowledgeable. At the end of the visit, the front staff summarized and explained my diagnosis in detail and gave me my options. Overall a great dentist office! Thank you!

  • By: Sadaf Abrar 3 months ago

    I came to Dr. Usman with a bunch of teeth issues. I just had two extractions and a root canal done by a surgeon and needed a crown and detailed evaluation for my other teeth. I had been to two other dentists in the last four years but it only seemed like they cared about money and nothing else. They told me I needed multiple fillings and braces but no one ever told me why I needed braces. Dr. Usman on the other hand was very detailed and polite with his words. He explained how my jaws weren’t aligned and my top teeth were sliding down and HENCE I needed braces. Made complete sense!!! I had to get 10 fillings done and Dr. Usman and his entire team were very kind and caring throughout the process. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a great service and a kind Dentist!!!

  • By: rohit sethi 3 months ago

    Manassas Dental Smiles is the best dentist office I have ever been to. The dental office is very clean and safe to go. Dr. Malik Usman was very professional and very courteous. He explained all my treatment plan in detail and gave alternate options. I highly recommend that anyone who visits them will be satisfied with the level of care and oral hygiene education you are given at their office. I Will definitely recommend this office to all my friends and family. All staff was very helpful and service oriented.

  • By: Arif Mehmood 3 months ago

    My family and I have been visiting Dr Malik Usman since 2016; he is a highly competent and dedicated dental care provider. I am always impressed with his highly professional, humane and people centered approach toward patients. Besides having modern and state of the art equipment, Manassas Dental Smiles is blessed with well trained support staff who are always there to help the clients.

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