Broken Tooth Treatment

Broken tooth is a serious situation that demands for urgent medical attention. If the teeth are broken harshly, then no alternative is left with your dentist before removing them. But, teeth with external cracks can be tainted by your dentists. For the proper broken tooth treatment, Manassas Dental Smiles brings back your smile as long as reliable treatment.
In case of minor tooth crakes, our expert dentist Dr. Malik Usman in Manassas Dental Smiles multi specialty hospital fixes it smoothly without any recuperative treatment. For small tooth cracks, we use bonding to repair it and shape it to a real look and for filling the missing portion we use tooth color with filling material. We also deal with cosmetic surgery to reshape the damaged or broken tooth. We also treat broken tooth with porcelain veneer (a thin dental covering and shield). This type of treatment is essentially available to patients who need to have a new definition of smile after treatment.
In case of severely broken tooth, our dentists having multi specialty for treatment will take it seriously. The dentists will also make sure whether or not the procedure of decomposition has started because it makes the broken tooth treatment more complex. If infection grows, then the dentists will execute a root canal treatment proceeding to treat broken tooth. Root canal treatment is specially executed to eradicate the infection. Thus, don’t waste time if you notice a severe broken tooth. Contact us for the best broken tooth treatment services and keep smiling.